Tanking Membranes

  • Self-adhesive multi-layered polyethylene sheet membranes

  • Heat-welded reinforced bituminious waterproofing membranes

  • HDPE ventilation and tanking protection systems

  • Composite waterproofing systems using granular sodium betonite technology

  • Liquid applied below grade seamless polyurethane waterproofing systems

Waikato Hospital Specialist Waterproofing protection


To waterproof the structure from the surrounding ground.

Specified System:

Nuplex Preprufe 160 Sheet Tanking and Waterproofing membrane – a modified bitumen sheet, which post application provides a water, moisture and gas barrier.  On completion the structure becomes physically isolated from the surrounding ground.

Nuplex Bituthene 3000 Sheet tanking and Waterproofing membrane – a preformed self-adhesive rubber/bitumen sheet used in conjunction with Preprufe membranes.

NPX Drainage sheet – made up of a layer of geo-textile fabric and a special dimpled membrane in HDPE.  The unique drainage channels ensures excellent drainage as well as creating a free air chamber.